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Feature Product
Advant Controller 500 ( AC500 ) the new, innovative system from ABB is the control centre for all automation jobs - whether as a decentralized component or as a central control system for handling ultra complex automation jobs. With the scalable AC500 system, Abb has rounded off its extensive range of switching and control technology, and now offers you a harmonized portfolio of responsively sophisticated automation packages.

A maximum of options for all-round benefits. Optimized processes, minimised costs, higher profitability - the AC500 offers you a maximum of options for ensuring that crucial bit of extra added value. The wide choice of communication couplers enables you to customize the automation system to suit your own individual requirements.
The controller is very capable and well suited to a wide range of applications. From basic logic to advanced regulatory control or any mix between these two. From only a handful of I/O points to thousands of them, installed locally or remotely. It is communicative too by supporting the IEEEE 802.3, PROFIBUS-DP/DP-V1, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H!, HART and several RS 232C protocols. And it supports calibrations and diagnosis of HART compatible field devices from a central system point.

Control Software
Control software offers a wide range of industry control functionality for your AC800 family controller. From binary logic to advanced regulatory control. From discrete process signals to high level process objects. An application, no matter how complex, can be downloaded from the engineering tool to the target controller(s) involved in minutes.
The DCS800 DC Drive is simple to buy, install, configure and use, saving considerable time. The drive has common user and process interface with fieldbus, common software tools for sizing, commissioning, maintenance and common spare parts.

The drive meet the requirement of all demanding drive application like: testrig, mine hoist, rolling mill as well as none motoric applications like: electrolysis, magnetics, battery charger ... Embedded software functions offer the upgrades of all classic installations 12-pulse, shared motion, double motor operation, field reversal control